Huge commercial space in the shopping center of French Hill
About 1130 sqm for long term rent, 2nd floor with bars.
Close to public transport and light rail .
Suitable for
studying classes, shop, clinic, laboratory, institution, storage, high-tech, offices, government use,
community Center, school , courses, Gallery, bank, sports and dance center, insurance company.

Tip: In the French Hill there is a need for a children’s clothing shop, and a school and printing supplies stores.

The area is a complete floor and is located on the second floor with an elevator
4 airflow directions

In addition –

* Impressive Internal patio – can be used for a Sukkah,eating area with tables, smoking corner etc.
* Large Meeting room with parquet,
* CEO office spacious and well lit.
* Private entrance – elevator and steps.
* 10 parking spaces that belong to the property, plus public parking spaces.
* Toilets and one shower – total 7 toilets on the floor.
* Plaster walls easily rearranged.
* A/c in all rooms, plus central a/c.
* Solar water heater and electricity.
* In the heart of the shopping center there are sitting areas and a play-area.

The Shopping Center is close to Hadassah Har Hatzofim and the Hebrew University Campus which includes the student dorms,
The center has banks, coffee shops, restaurants, super-market, clothes shops and clinics.
Close to Ramat Eshkol, Maalot Dafna and Givat Hamivtar.
The location is accessible to The main highway to Tel Aviv, Dead Sea and the North as well as public transport and the light rail.

The Shopping center cervices  – the Diplomatic community in the area as well as the EU, UN ‘ the Hadassa doctors and staff and the HU students.

Occupancy End of December 2016

Price per month per meter – 73 NIS

Plus maintenance for 20 parking spaces
Can be partially rented as well.

Nelly Ephrati Artom