Jerusalem Neighborhoods

A Guide to Buying Property in Jerusalem's Diverse Neighborhoods

French HillThe other side of the railroad tracks…French Hill..Good investor Opportunities.   Rising out of Jerusalem’s northeast corner, offering breathtaking views of the Old City and much of West Jerusalem beyond, is the neighborhood of French Hill.  One of the seven hills upon which Jerusalem is built, French Hill is a relatively modest mountain that still figures prominently […]Read More
Armon HaNatzivIt’s a must in every tour of the city of Jerusalem-the  breathtaking Haas Sherover Promenade, popularly known as the Tayelet, with its unobstructed sweeping views of the Temple Mount, Judean Hills, and on a clear day, the Dead Sea. Very near this famous Jerusalem landmark is the neighborhood of Armon Hanatziv, popularly known as East […]Read More
King David StreetKing David Street is one of Jerusalem’s most prestigious streets. It has a lot going for it because it combines tourism, very high-end residences and high class commerce. In addition it has distinctive architecture, a famous hotel and an observation tower at the YMCA with a stunning view. Real estate is very expensive and with […]Read More
German ColonyThe Templars in Jerusalem The German Colony‎, HaMoshava HaGermanit, is a neighborhood in Jerusalem built in the second half of the 19th century.  The name derives from the organization which founded the neighborhood- the German Temple Society; a religious Lutheran missionary society that believed in settling in the holy land.  By 1910, there were already well-established […]Read More
GiloGilo is one of the largest neighborhoods situated in south-east Jerusalem, with about 35,000 residents of which 3,000 are under the age of 18 (estimates vary, depending on their source). The neighborhood’s population makes it the equivalent of small urban center such as Tiberius and Maale Adumim. It has a heterogeneous population, with a its […]Read More
Shaare HesedThe neighborhood, Shaarei Hesed, Gates of Mercy in Hebrew, is located between the more well-known neighborhoods of Rehavia to its north, Nachlaot to its south and the Wolfson Towers to the west. The neighborhood was established in 1909 and covers an area of 40,000 sqm (approximately 40 dunams or 10 acres). The neighborhood had very orthodox beginnings. […]Read More
Ramat EshkolJerusalem’s Ramat Eshkol/Givat Hamivtar neighborhood, a quiet area, slightly removed from the hustle and bustle of the city center, was established soon after the Six Day War in 1968, on what was once the a battlefield between Israel and Jordan. Ramat Eshkol is located in northern Jerusalem bordering the communities of Maalot Dafana to the east, […]Read More
ArnonaArnona is a neighborhood in southern Jerusalem, situated between the neighborhoods of Talpiot and Ramat Rachel. It has a rural feeling, yet is located in a city – a relatively unusual combination. It is a family-oriented community with religious, traditional and secular families. Most new houses are being bought by young Dati-Leumi (National Religious) families. […]Read More
Yemin MosheThe times they are a changing… Present day Yemin Moshe is a far cry from when it was the first neighborhood to be built outside the Old City walls way back in 1860. Then it was a group of 28 small apartments alongside 3 communal buildings. Today the area boasts beautiful villas alongside smaller properties […]Read More
Downtown Jerusalem gets a makeover!The City Center of Jerusalem comprises the area from The Old City via Jaffa Road and King George Streets, and obviously the famous Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall (the midrachov) through to the Machaneh Yehuda Market (the Shuk). This was one of the first areas of Jerusalem to be developed outside of the Old City. It […]Read More
Greek ColonyGreek Colony- The forgotten pearl in the heart of German Colony and Old Katamon Not many people even realize that there is a neighborhood called the Greek Colony in heart of Jerusalem. This small yet pastoral neighborhood, located at the triangle between Old Katamon, German Colony and Katamonim, really deserves more respect than it gets. […]Read More
Pisgat Ze’evPisgat Ze’ev is the largest residential neighborhood in Jerusalem with a population of over 50,000. Pisgat Ze’ev was established in 1982, on land annexed to Israel after the Six Day War, as one of the city’s five ring neighborhoods. It was intended to create a contiguous Jewish link with Neve Yaakov in the North, which […]Read More
San SimonDon’t overlook this quiet and pastoral gem in the heart of Jerusalem San Simon borders the neighborhoods of Old Katamon, Rasco and Katamonim, and is centrally located and walking distance to German Colony, Kiryat Shmuel, and the Ir Ganim. In the heart of San Simon is a vast green park which is a meeting place […]Read More
RehaviaRehavia at one time was the most sought after area in Jerusalem. Although these days there are much posher areas, when one mentions Rehavia, it immediately conjures an aura of exclusivity and gracious living. It is not what it was during the British Mandate and up till the late sixties, but it is still considered […]Read More
BakaBaka (Geulim) is fast becoming the trendy upscale neighborhood where the young modern orthodox want to settle. Established back in the 1900’s, the area is characterized by Old Arab style homes and beautiful Jerusalem stone buildings. In 1922, wealthy Muslim and Christian inhabitants established beautiful homes in the area. Much of this beautiful architecture is still […]Read More